iOS: Milwaukee Tool Security and Locking Out Tools

Enable Milwaukee® Tool security features and lock out tools when missing, stolen, or not in use.

mobile phone user locking out Milwaukee Tool not in use

ONE-KEY™ compatible Milwaukee tools feature smart tool technology designed to increase productivity and tool performance. But also, they feature security options including Geofence tool tracking and “tool lockout.”

You can use tool lockout if you suspect a tool is missing or stolen to prevent tampering and unauthorized use. You can also use it as a security feature to lock out tools on active jobsites when not in use.

In this article, we’ll show you how to take advantage of the Milwaukee tool security features that are engineered specifically into One-Key compatible tools. More specifically, we’ll show you how to lock out a tool.

Connect to Tool via Bluetooth® and Add It to Inventory

The first thing you’ll need to do is enable One-Key Bluetooth® tracking. In order for the tool to be tracked by our network, you’ll need to add it to inventory, which tells One-Key the tool belongs to you.

To do this, you’ll need to connect to your tool using a Bluetooth® enabled mobile device with the One-Key app.

screenshot of nearby devices in One-Key mobile app

Once you’ve confirmed you’ve got the right tool, you’ll notice that, along with the item’s basic information, there will be an “Add to inventory” option, under which it reads: “Activates Security.”

screenshot of individual tool status in One-Key mobile appTap this button to add the item to inventory. Utilizing your Bluetooth® connection, One-Key will add the item into your inventory and display a green “Success” screen.

The item details will display on your screen with a “Save” button.

Securing Tools When Not in Use: Safety on the Jobsite

Once you’ve saved your item to inventory, you can now lock it out. You might want to lock a tool on your jobsite that you don’t want to be used after hours. To do this, you’ll follow the same initial steps to connect to the tool utilizing the One-Key mobile app.

Once connected, along with its basic details, you’ll notice a toggle button marked “Tool Lock.” To lock the tool, make sure this button is toggled to the green “on” position.

screenshot showing engaged tool lock in One-Key mobile appYour tool is now locked. If you want to unlock the tool, connect, move the “Tool Lock” button to the left “off” position and you’ll be ready for the job.

Securing Lost Tools: Lock Out Missing or Stolen Tools to Prevent Unauthorized Use and Tampering

Another application of tool lockout is to secure tools that have gone missing. Whether your tool has simply been misplaced, or you suspect it has been stolen, you can prevent unauthorized use and take advantage of One-Key’s tool tracking features to trace your way back to your tool.

Unlike locking out your tools on the jobsite, you won’t have physical access to your missing or stolen tools, but you can still lock them out by manually changing their status in One-Key. You can change your tool’s status using either the web or mobile app.

Tap into your tool’s details and simply switch its status from “available” to “missing” or “stolen.”

screenshot showing how to change the status of a tool in One-Key mobile appOne-Key will automatically lock the tool out once you’ve changed its status to missing or stolen. If you’re able to retrieve your tool, you can unlock it by connecting to it via Bluetooth® and toggling to “Tool Lock” off.

Additionally, if your tool is assigned to a place that has an established geofence, you will receive an alert if it is seen outside of its assigned place. You can review these alerts in One-Key to decide if manually locking out the tool—by changing its status to stolen or missing—might be necessary.

Milwaukee tool security, built into every One-Key compatible tool, allows you to prevent unauthorized use of your expensive equipment, whether you’re looking to increase safety on the jobsite or to prevent tampering from bad actors.