Android: Mark a Tool as Missing

Flag an inventory item "missing" in the ONE-KEY™ mobile app should it become lost.

Tools will sometimes go missing, whether they’re stolen or simply lost in the shuffle between jobsites. It is precisely this eventuality that One-Key was designed for: Not just to organize your tools, but also to help you track and find them if and when they turn up missing.

In this article, we'll show you how to mark a misplaced item as "missing" in the app from your Android-based mobile device.

Note: The screens featured in this article may appear different than what you see on your device due to different phone manufacturers having different procedures.

Get started on the One-Key mobile app

  • Log in to the One-Key mobile app.

  • The homepage, or Inventory Dashboard, will display on your screen.

How to mark a tool missing

The first step in finding a lost tool is to mark it missing. This section will explain how to do that from your phone. 


  1. Starting from the Inventory Dashboard, find and tap the item you wish to mark as missing.

Sawzall is searched for by keyword (left) and there are two in inventory (right)

2. Now, from the Item Detail page, tap on the Status bar (as seen in the example below, the status for this SAWZALL® is currently "Available"). 

Item details for a One-Key compatible Sawzall

3. A list of status options will display near in your screen.

Sawzall's status is changed from "Available" to "Missing."

4. In the status list, find and select the Missing status for your tool (as seen in the above example, it's the second status under available). You can choose also to change your tool’s status to damaged, retired, in use, service, or stolen. Once you've tapped "Missing," this tool's status will immediately be updated in your tool's details page.

If your missing item is a Milwaukee One-Key compatible tool, its security features are now activated. The next time it comes within range of a One-Key enabled mobile app, it will lockout and you will receive an alert of your tool’s last known location.


Now that your tool is marked as missing, you are one step closer to finding it.

Whether a tool is stolen or goes missing, One-Key is here to help you find it.