Web: Integrating One-Key and Procore Accounts

New software integration creates real-time visibility to tools & equipment by connecting the job site to the back office.

One Key and Procore logos

Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ integrates with Procore®.

You can now connect One-Key construction inventory management and Bluetooth® tool tracking to your projects in Procore, empowering teamwork and transparency across your company's operations.


In this article, we'll show you how to link your One-Key account with a Procore project management account. 

Get started on the One-Key Desktop App

  • Log in to the One-Key app on your computer.
  • Navigate to "View my profile" by clicking on your photo, next to the Milwaukee® logo.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your screen to "Link Accounts" and select the "Connect to Procore" button.

Select Existing Procore Projects You Want to Add to One-Key

Now that you've linked your Procore construction management account with your One-Key account, you'll want to import the existing projects in your Procore account to One-Key. This will ensure that your One-Key "places" are up-to-date. 

  • Navigate to "Places" and select "Add Place."
  • Under "Project/Job," you'll see an option to "Import from Procore."

    Import projects prompt on desktop

After you've clicked the "Import from Procore" button, an "Import Projects" pop-up screen will appear. You'll now be able to pick and choose the individual projects you'd like to import into One-Key from Procore.

Desktop view of the Places screen

After you've imported your Procore projects, they will appear in your Places' dashboard. 


Moving forward, now that you've linked your Procore account to your One-Key account, when a project manager adds a new job to Procore, they will automatically be populated into your One-Key Places' dashboard.

Select the Existing Contacts You Want to Import from Procore

You'll also want to import your Procore contacts into One-Key to ensure they're up-to-date and everyone is accessible.

  • Navigate to "People."
  • Along the top navigation bar, next to the traditional "Add Person" button, you'll see an option to "Import from Procore."

Import People prompt on desktop

Once you've clicked the "Import from Procore" button, an "Import People" pop-up screen will emerge. You'll now be able to select the individuals you'd like to import from Procore to your One-Key account.


Similar to "Places," your imported people will populate into your People dashboard, and from now on, when PMs add new people to Procore, they will automatically populate in your One-Key contacts list. 

Reports: Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Now that you've linked your One-Key account to Procore, One-Key will automatically configure and send daily reports to your Procore account, combining:  

  • Inventory transfer history
  • Geofence daily summary  

No other steps needed! This report will automatically generate and be sent to your project managers in Procore, providing them a high-level summary, should something go wrong and require changes. 

Milwaukee One-Key integrates with Procore, making it easier for you to connect real-time construction work on the job site to your back office.