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  2. Crew Management
  3. Adding/Changing/Deleting People

Web: Add a Person

In this article, we'll show you how to add people to your One-Key account, so you can manage your team with more visibility from the office or tool room.


We'll cover two main topics:

  • How to add a new person to One-Key using the web app
  • How to assign your new person to a project or job

How To: Add People to One-Key

  • First, select the People icon from the left navigation bar.
  • In the upper right corner, select the blue Add Person button.


Once here, you can add your crew member's important details and contact information, including a first and last name, the best email address and phone number to reach your crew member at, as well as an employee identification number to aid in your internal operations.

You can also add divisions. These will help differentiate between your internal teams—for example, service team versus new construction—and clarify roles for an assigned job.

Finally, you can also add an employee photo for visual identification.

screenshot of add a person on desktop

Once everything is filled in, select Save in the bottom right-hand corner. A success message will appear, confirming that your person has been added.


How To: Assign Team Members to Jobs

Now that your person has been added to One-Key, you can assign this team member to any of your jobs, to add accountability and establish a workflow, right from their dashboard.

screenshot of assign team member jobs on desktop

Select the blue + to assign your employee to a place.

From here, you can assign them to any of your created places. Assign them to a home base, a specific job like a new construction project, or even a mobile vehicle like a service truck or van that you want them to be responsible for.

screenshot of assignments on desktop

Once the place is chosen, select Save in the bottom right.

Your crew member is set. You can now establish accountability in your projects by setting clear workflows. You can also assign equipment while maintaining visibility to your tool and equipment inventory, ensuring your jobs are completed efficiently.