iOS: Search for an Item by Barcode

Use your phone to pull up the info of a barcoded item in ONE-KEY™.


This article will explain how to search for an item’s information in your One-Key inventory by scanning its barcode.

Get started on the One-Key mobile app 

  • Make sure you are near your barcoded item.

  • Log in to the One-Key mobile app.

  • The homepage, or Inventory Dashboard, will display on your screen.

How to search for an item by barcode

Skip a time-consuming inventory search and pull up your tool’s most important info with a quick barcode scan. Barcodes are easy and inexpensive to produce and are a great way to keep track of the items in your inventory. Maybe you’re used to simply printing out your own traceable barcodes at home and adding them to your tools. If so, One-Key lets you use familiar, reliable inventory tracking practices. 

To search for a barcoded item in your One-Key inventory:

1. Start from the Inventory Dashboard and tap on the search icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This will open the Search Items page.

2. Tap the “Scan Item Barcode” button near the center of the screen. This will open your phone’s camera.

Smartphone displays inventory search by keyword or to "search item barcode"

3. Center the item’s barcode in the camera’s viewing window until a popup appears at the bottom of your screen displaying your item’s information.


4. Once the popup appears, tap the “View” button. Your barcoded item’s details page will fill the screen.


Now you know how to scan a barcoded item with One-Key. 

The barcode search feature is yet another example of how One-Key lets you track and manage your inventory, your way.