iOS: Add a Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Learn how to add a One-Key Bluetooth Tracking Tag to any item in your inventory—from expensive generators and power equipment to miscellaneous jobsite items like ladders, job boxes, carts, and more. 

A ONE-KEY™ Bluetooth® Tracking tag helps you keep tabs on your important equipment inventory by extending One-Key’s industry leading Bluetooth tracking functionality to untracked items. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to properly activate a Bluetooth tracking tag on your iOS smartphone, so you can start tracking one of your items today. 

Get Started on the Mobile App for iOS

You’ll need to first download the One-Key app on your mobile device if you haven’t already done so. You can download the app for free from the App Store.

  • Open the app on your device. On the login screen, tap the blue Get Started button.
  • Select Create an Account, then type in your email address and a strong password composed of uppercase and lowercase letters, at least one number, and that’s at least 8 characters in length.
  • Ensure tool tracking is enabled:
    • Enable Bluetooth: Tap Settings. Scroll and find One-Key among your device settings, then tap into it. Ensure Bluetooth is toggled on.
    • Enable Location Services: Tap location, then select “Always,” ensuring you’ll continuously get up-to-date tracking alerts, even when you don’t have the app open.

Activate and Associate Tag to Item

When you’re ready to activate your Tracking Tag and associate it with one of your items, open the app on your mobile device. 

  • Inventory will load by default. Tap the “add item” + icon in the top righthand corner of your screen. 
  • Select “Tick & Tracking Tag.” 


  • If this is your first time adding an equipment tracker, you’ll be shown a brief tutorial encouraging you to add your tracking item to a new item or an existing item in your inventory. 

Associate Tag to Existing Inventory Item

  • Select the Bluetooth Tracking Tag you’d like to add.  
  • Below your selected tracking tag on the “Add a Tracker” screen, you’ll have an “Add to item” option. Select which item you’d like to add your new Bluetooth tracking tag to. Add the any pertinent item information, then tap the save icon in the top righthand corner of your screen.

Add Tag Directly to Inventory

You can also add your Bluetooth Tracking tag directly to your inventory.

To do this:

  • From the inventory screen, select the “Add an item+ icon, and select “Add a Tracker.”
  • Select the tracking tag you’d like to add and select the save icon in the upper righthand corner of your screen. You’ll be displayed a message encouraging you to add your tracking tag to a specific item in your inventory, which you can do now or later. 

Associate Existing Tag in Inventory to Item

Ready to add an existing tracking tag in your inventory to one of your inventory items?

Here's how:

  • Open your inventory.
  • Find your tracking tag and tap into its details.
  • Select the “Add” button beside “Add to Item in Inventory.”
  • On the edit screen, select “Add to item in inventory.”
  • Select the item you’d like to add this tracking tag to and start tracking.

You have set up and added your new Bluetooth tracking tag to inventory, and it is now ready to be tracked by the industry’s largest community Bluetooth tracking network.