iOS: Enable Tool Tracking

Learn the necessary device settings needed to get full functionality and always be up-to-date on where your tools are located.

ONE-KEY™ takes advantage of your mobile phone’s Bluetooth® capability to track all the compatible, barcoded, and TICK™ equipped items in your inventory.

What's more, One-Key compatible tools come standard with Milwaukee tool security features that empower you to lock out tools you suspect are missing or stolen. However, for all of this to work properly, you first need to know how to enable tool tracking.

In this article, we'll show you how to do just that.

Get started on the mobile One-Key App.

  • Log in to the One-Key mobile App.
  • The homepage, or Inventory Dashboard, will display on your screen.

Enable tool tracking

You won’t be able to track your tools with One-Key unless the Bluetooth® on your phone is activated and the items you’re wishing to track are in range. For the strongest connection and most-up-to-date information about your tools, make sure that:

  • Location services are always enabled in the One-Key mobile app.
  • Bluetooth® is always enabled on your phone.
  • The One-Key mobile app is always running in the foreground or background of your phone. *For the best tracking functionality, background location access is recommended to allow for continuous location updates and alerts.

To enable tool tracking in the One-Key mobile app and Bluetooth® on your phone:

  1. Tap “Settings” in the bottom right hand corner of the homepage, or Inventory Dashboard.
    screenshot of settings on mobile phone
  2. At the Setting page, tap “Tool Tracking.” The next screen will display the status of your Bluetooth® and location settings.
    One-Key tool tracking app location and bluetooth device settings
  3. Now tap “Location” once, and again on the next screen.
    Tool tracking app location settings
  4. On the next screen, choose to “Always” allow location access. Additionally, we recommend to toggle "Precise Location" on (see next section for additional information). 
    Keeping location services activated at all times is the only way to maintain the strongest and most current connection between your phone and your equipment.
    Keeping location services activated at all times is the only way to maintain the strongest and most current connection between your phone and your equipment.
  5. Next, in your device's settings, navigate to your apps, near the bottom of your screen. Tap into “ONE-KEY™.”
  6. Make sure Bluetooth® is toggled on.
    iPhone bluetooth settings set to on

*iOS requires you turn location and Bluetooth on manually.

Precise Location vs Approximate Location

iOS 14 adds an additional option to use "approximate location" in order to “Share only your approximate location rather than your exact location — perfect for apps like local news or weather.”

This feature offers great user privacy but significantly degrades our app's ability to pinpoint the precise location of your One-Key compatible tools and TICK'd equipment needed to provide accurate and consistently up-to-date location updates.

approximate location functionality on mobile phone

Location data is not personally identifiable and we merely use it to track tools, not people. With that in mind, we recommend toggling precise location on in order to boost tool tracking accuracy.

Enable Geofence Notifications for Added Security

If you've added geofences, you can set up geofence notifications in One-Key and we'll alert you regarding missing items and provide you with a daily geofence summary.

  1. Return to the settings of the One-Key mobile app.
  2. Tap into Notifications.
  3. Toggle Missing items and Geofence daily summary on.

One-Key tool tracking app lets you set up geofences and get alerted of missing tools

Now your Bluetooth® and locations services are enabled on your phone and One-Key mobile app.

Keeping your location services always enabled is the best way to stay connected to your tools and get the most up-to-date information about their locations.