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iOS: Add a Person

In this article, we’ll show you how to add a person to One-Key, so you can manage your crew easier and with more visibility, right from your mobile device.


What we'll cover:

  • How to add a new person to One-Key
  • How to add an existing contact from your mobile device's phonebook to One-Key

How To: Add a Person to One-Key

Once you’ve opened the One-Key app on your device, tap the People icon at the bottom of your screen.

screenshot of add a person to one key on mobile

If you haven't added any people to One-Key yet, you'll be shown a screen prompting you to add a new person and to assign tools and equipment to them based on their role in your organization. You can either tap the + at the top of your screen, or the blue Add a Person button, to add your person.

Screenshot of Welcome to people on mobileFrom here, you have the option to add a new person in the app or import one of the current contacts from your device's phonebook.

screenshot of select an option on mobile

To add a new contact, tap Add New Person.

A contact creation screen will load. Here, you can add their contact information, such as their First and Last Name (both required fields to save them to One-Key), as well as the best phone number and email address to contact them at.
screenshot of personal profile mobile
On top of this basic contact information, you can add additional identification information. Add an employee identification number to aid in your internal operations. Add a division to differentiate between your unique internal team and mark your employee's role—electrical, plumbing, etc—for anyone using the One-Key app that needs to know and assign them appropriately.


Tap Save to store your new contact to One-Key.

How To: Import an Existing Contact to One-Key

You can also import an existing contact from your mobile device's phonebook to One-Key. Importing from contacts can save you from double work if you're adding employees you've worked within the past to your new One-Key account. You'll also be able to add the contact you've created in One-Key into your device's phonebook once created.


To add an existing contact from your device's phonebook to One-Key, you'll start by following the same first two steps as we did with adding a new contact:

  • Navigate to People, along the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap the + or blue Add a Person button.
Now, tap Import from Contacts.

  • Your phone's contacts will load.
  • Find the contact you'd like to add by scrolling or typing in their name.


Similar to adding a new contact, a contact creation screen will load. You'll notice that the contact information you have saved in your phonebook for them—such as their First and Last Name, Phone Number, and possibly Email Address—will auto-populate in a contact card.

You'll then be able to add additional information an employee identification and a division. Make sure to tap Save to successfully import and store your existing contact in One-Key.

People Management at Your Fingertips

Once you've added your team to One-Key, they'll appear in a list under People.
screenshot-of-people-management-on-mobileFrom a team member's profile, you'll be able to contact them directly from the app. Once you've added a phone number and email address for them, you can text them, call them, or email them without leaving One-Key.

Your person is now set. You can now reach them easier using the mobile app, when you're on the go and can't get to your office computer.