iOS: Add a Milwaukee® Tool to Your Inventory

One-Key streamlines your ability to organize and track any kind of tool imaginable, but no tools are more seamlessly integrated into the app than the ones built by Milwaukee.

This article will explain how to:

  • Add a Milwaukee tool to your inventory. 

  • Add the tool’s other important specs.

Get started on the One-Key mobile app

  • Make sure you have the model number of the Milwaukee tool you wish to add.

  • Log in to the One-Key mobile app.

  • The homepage, or Inventory Dashboard, will display on your screen.

How to add a Milwaukee tool

If you have your Milwaukee tool’s model number handy, One-Key can save time and hassle by automatically entering the tool’s photo and description for you.

  1. Starting from the Inventory Dashboard, tap the “+” sign in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

  2. A menu slider will appear at the top of your screen allowing you to choose which kind of item you’d like to add. Select “Milwaukee Tools & Combo Kits.”

add-to-inventory slider displays "Milwaukee Tools & Combo Kits" selected

  • On the Add Item screen, search for your tool by model number.
  • Click on the item to now set up the item in your inventory.

Phone showing how to add a Milwaukee tool to your inventory

Tap on the tool to add it to your inventory. The following details will auto-populate for you:

  • Photo

  • Item description 

  • Model number

How to add the tool’s other important specs

  1. Before you finish, make sure you take a second to manually enter in the other important details about your tool: 

  • Category: Type of tool.

  • Person: Crew member your tool is assigned to.

  • Division: Team your tool is assigned to.

  • Place: Place your tool is assigned to.

  • Tool Number: Custom name/number you’ve given your tool.

  • Serial #: Serial number of this specific tool.

  • Status: Availability or physical condition of your tool.

  • Purchase Information: Value of your tool, date/place of its purchase.

  • Service Date: Add a Service Date for routine maintenance/repair reminders.

  • Assign barcode: Enter a trackable barcode number or asset ID tag.

  • Add Nearby TICK™: Add an external TICK or Bluetooth® equipment tracker.

Phone showing how to add a Milwaukee tool to your inventory

2. Once you’re finished, make sure you tap “Save” in the upper right-hand corner of the final screen to save the tool to your inventory.

Now your Milwaukee tool will appear in your inventory complete with its photo, item description, model number, and other important specs.

One-Key makes it quick and easy to add a Milwaukee tool to your inventory.