iOS: Add a TICK™ Tracker to Manage Your Equipment

How does the Milwaukee® TICK™ work? Learn how to add and setup these heavy-duty equipment trackers using your mobile device.


Milwaukee builds construction tool tracking software into every One-Key enabled tool. They're built to be trackable on our mobile and desktop apps. But what if you want to keep tabs on a piece of non-compatible Milwaukee equipment, or even something made by another manufacturer? That’s where the TICK comes in.

What Is the Milwaukee TICK and How Does It Work?

  • A heavy-duty Bluetooth® tracker that provides location updates within a 100 ft range of a mobile phone equipped with the One-Key app.

  • Can be glued, riveted, screwed, or strapped to any tool.

  • Weather-, water-, and dust-resistant.

  • Powered by a Lithium-Ion 3V Coin Cell battery with a yearlong lifespan.

  • Available individually or in packs of four, 10, and 50.

Get started on the mobile One-Key App.

  • Once you have a TICK in hand, make sure the Bluetooth® on your phone is turned on.

  • Make sure that the item you want to add a TICK to is nearby.

  • Login to the One-Key mobile app.

  • The homepage, or Inventory Dashboard, will display on your screen.

How to add a TICK

We want you to be able to keep track of every piece of your equipment with One-Key, whether it’s built by Milwaukee or not. That’s why we created the TICK: a versatile tracker that allows you to monitor the locations of all your otherwise non-compatible tools from your phone.

Adding a TICK to an item is quick and easy:

    1. Starting from the Inventory Dashboard, tap the “+” sign in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Make sure the One-Key compatible tool you wish to add is nearby and that Bluetooth is activated on your mobile phone

    2. A menu of different kinds of items to add to your inventory will appear at the top of your screen, while your nearby ONE-KEY compatible tools and equipment will populate in the screen below this menu. Select "Tick & Tracker." 

add-to-inventory menu slider has "TICK & Tracker" selected

A series of directions will display on your screen:

  1. Open the TICK and remove the Coin Cell battery.

Phone telling user how to remove the TICK battery on mobile

2. Keep the battery out for 10 seconds, then reinsert it into the TICK.

Screen indicates to leave TICK out for 10 seconds

3. Now hold the TICK near your Bluetooth® activated mobile phone to sync it to your device.

Device pairs with Milwaukee TICK equipment tracker

4. A popup window will display. Click the “Yes, Add TICK™ now” button.

Adding TICK equipment tracker

5. Attach the TICK to the item of your choice.

Now you can track your tool on the One-Key mobile app whenever you click the “Last Seen button

You TICK enabled item is now traceable by the largest Bluetooth® community tracking network in the construction industry.