Android: Use Find Item Feature to Troubleshoot Item Locating

Last 100-ft experience helps narrow down where your tools are.

ONE-KEY™ uses community Bluetooth tracking with connected network devices pinging off each other to deliver location updates for your inventory. The "Find Item" feature in One-Key introduces our "Last 100-ft experience" that helps you narrow down your items' whereabouts within 100 feet.

In this article, you'll learn how to use this feature on your Android-based device.

Note: The screens featured in this article may appear different than what you see on your device due to different phone manufacturers having different procedures.

Get Started on One-Key App for Android

  • Launch One-Key on your Android device. 
  • Find and select the item you're looking to locate. 

Ensure that Tool Tracking is Enabled

Read why these settings are necessary:  

Use "Find Item" Feature

  • When you're in your item's details' screen, under the Location History information, you'll see a "Find Item" section.

Android enabled smartphone with One-Key app shows item details' displaying "Find Item" feature with "Find" button

  • If you're within range of this item, "Find"  beside "Find Item" will be lit up. If you're not within range, it will not be lit up (a lighter shade of blue, like seen above) and you won't be able to tap into it to use the feature.
  • Tap "Find" to open the "Find Item" tool.

Android enabled device shows "Find Item" locater tool with "Blink Light" button and item proximity strength indicator

  • The next screen will display a "Find Item" location proximity tool.
  • Tap "Blink Light" to  enable this feature and your signal strength will either ascend toward "Strong" or descend toward "Weak" depending on where One-Key senses your item to be. You can use this feature to navigate around your crib or jobsite and narrow down your item's precise location.
  • If you walk in one direction, and the bar signal strength starts to descend toward “Weak,” you’re moving in a direction opposite of where One-Key detects your item to be and should change course, and vice versa.

You’ll use this tool as described to help find your item, narrowing down its whereabouts within 100 ft.

With "Find Item," locating inventory is easier in One-Key.