Web: Customizing Multi-User Roles

Modify default multi-user roles with new ‘custom roles’ feature.

Multi-user functionality introduces true membership in your One-Key account to all your employees, and lets you choose what each team member has access to.

With the custom roles feature of multi-user, you can take this functionality to the next level by modifying any 4 of the multi-user roles that are available to you to better fit the needs of your organization.

Get Started on One-Key Web App

  • Launch the One-Key app on your web browser
  • Navigate to your Admin panel on the One-Key site

Custom Roles

Making a 'custom role' starts with modifying one of the 4 following editable default roles:

  1. Items Only,
  2. Projects,
  3. Tool Manager,
  4. View Only.
  • Select “Manage Roles

screenshot of manage roles settings in One-Key

  • To customize a role, click on a role you want to modify and it will expand. The role’s stock settings will display. Check marks indicate all the permissions associated with this role, while the grayed-out permissions indicate the items that this role does not come with by default.
  • Click the overflow icon in the top righthand corner of this role to "Edit" the role's name/description.
  • Click Save to make sure your new role is updated.
  • To change the permissions associated with this role, click “edit permissions.”

screenshot of edit role permissions in One-Key

  • Change the role’s view permissions.
  • Change the role's "items," "places," "people," and "reports" permissions.
  • Change the One-Key tool permissions
  • Click Save once you’ve modified your role to your liking.

Now that you’ve customized your role, you’ll be able to invite new team members to join your account with a more tailored set of permissions that match your organization’s needs.