Web: Change Your Tool's Status

Set the status of your tools and equipment—whether in use, missing, or otherwise—to accurately depict their states and streamline your operations.

With One-Key, you can identify which items in your inventory are ready to be deployed to the field, which need to be serviced, and even which need to be found. Our industry-leading Bluetooth® helps you build visibility to these items and transparency to your operations. 


In this article, we'll show you how to change your tool's status

How to change your tool's status

Changing your tools' statuses is good practice. It lets anyone viewing your account know if a tool is available or in need of your care, whether damaged or in need of service. It also lets you flag items as missing as well as those you suspect as stolen, so our app can help locate these items. It's easy to change your tool's status in One-Key.

  • From your inventory list, select the item you wish to update.

  • To the right, you’ll see a Status card. Click on the arrow to toggle through your status options.

    Tool status screen on desktop

  • Here, you can choose from seven statuses. Choose the status that best reflects your tool's current state:

    • Available

    • Missing

    • Damaged

    • Retired

    • In Use

    • Service

    • Stolen

  • Make your selection and you’re all set.


Your item’s status has been updated. If this item is One-Key compatible and you marked the item as missing or stolen, the item’s security features will enable. The next time your item comes within range of any enabled One-Key app, this tool will lock out and send you a notification of its location. 

One-Key makes inventory management and tool tracking easy, letting you update the statuses on all your equipment so everyone on your team is kept in the loop.