Web: Changing Multi-User Roles

Whether you’re looking to reassign a Multi-User member’s responsibilities, or to edit their level of access, you can do so by changing their role.

illustration of change user role button

In this article, we’ll show you how to change a Multi-User member’s assigned role.

Get Started by Launching One-Key on Your Web Browser

  • Log in to One-Key using your web browser.
  • Inventory Dashboard will load by default. Select “People.”
  • Your team will load. Find the person whose role you’d like to change by scrolling or using the Search Bar.

screenshot of people settings in One-Key

Open Your Team Member’s Info Card

  • Once you’ve found the team member whose role you’d like to change, you’ll open their info card.
  • Verify they are an active member (this will allow you to change their role).

screenshot of team member card in One-Key

  • Select the overflow icon, then “Edit member info.”

screenshot of edit member info in One-Key

  • Click the “Role” dropdown. Choose the new role you’d like to assign your team member to.
  • Click “Save.”

screenshot of user role in One-Key

Your team member’s new role will be reflected in their info page.

Your Multi-User team member’s role has been changed.