Web: Finding Your Way Around Alerts (Overview)

Learn how to keep track of the alerts attached to your tools.

ONE-KEY™ uses alert notifications to help keep you up to date about what’s going on with the tools in your inventory. This article will explain how to use and keep track of your alerts from your desktop computer.

You can get a general overview of every active alert and notification attached to your tools from the Inventory Dashboard. Here, alerts are displayed as a blue dot to the left of your tool’s name.

Finding your way around alerts

Notice the white number inside the blue dot. This number indicates how many active, unread alerts are currently attached to this tool. To get a closer look at these alerts, click on the item to pull up its details page.


Here you can click on the tool’s Alerts in the information bar, located below and slightly to the right of the wrench and hammer icon. 

Screenshot of menu options

A list of this tool’s alerts will now slide into view on your screen. From here, you can read the content of the alert or choose to remove it. 

Screenshot of tool inventory dashboard

Let’s say you want to see only those tools in your inventory that have alerts attached to them. You can quickly pull together a complete list of these tools by clicking on the Alerts icon in the navigation bar on the left-hand side of your screen.

Screenshot of the inventory dashboard on desktop

One-Key’s alert system is designed to look and feel like an email inbox, displaying which alerts have been read, which ones haven’t, and which ones have been deleted and moved to the trashed.

Screenshot of the alerts menu on desktop

Knowing your way around One-Key’s intuitive alert notification system can help you stay on top of the elements in your inventory that require your attention.