Web: Add a Place for Your Tools

Create your own locations in ONE-KEY™ to better organize your equipment.


Assigning tools to a place—whether it’s your home base, a remote job site, or a moving vehicle—is key to tracking where the different items in your inventory are located from one project to the next. But before you can assign a tool to a specific spot, you need to know how to set up that spot in ONE-KEY™.

This article will explain:

  • How to use the Add a Place feature from your desktop computer.
  • How to customize that place by adding a photo, contact information, and other details.

Get started on your desktop computer

  • Log in to your One-Key account from your desktop computer.
  • The homepage, or Inventory Dashboard, will display on your screen.

How to add and customize a place

The Add a Place feature is a great way to organize your tools in One-Key. A place can be anything from a vehicle moving between job sites where your tools are temporarily stored to the home base where they eventually return. Once a place is added, you can edit it to include details like address, assigned personnel, and geofencing, an innovative feature that you can read about in our Add a Geofence article. Keep in mind: You'll only be able to add geofences to stationary places, not mobile vehicles like service trucks.


To Add a Place

  1. Start at the Inventory Dashboard and hover your cursor over the map icon on the left side of the screen. The navigation bar will expand, revealing a list of options. Click “Places.

  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the Places Dashboard, click the blue “Add place” button.
  3. The next page will display three options for the type of place you’d like to add: Home base, Project/Job, and Vehicle. Click on the blue “Add” button beneath the type of place you’d like to add. 


You'd typically choose home base to set up your company's headquarters or a central tool location, like a crib or tool room, and Project/job for all your ongoing projects. Choose Vehicle for all your jobs on the move. 


4. The next screen will display a customization page. Here you will find a series of dropdown fields that you can edit to customize your place, including its name, address, and other details like geofencing, which you can read about in our Add a Geofence article. 


  • Make sure that you “Name your place” (you won’t be able to save your entry if your place does not have a name). 

  • Add the important details like your home base number and main phone number. Add a photo to display on your list of places.

  • Assign your crew members that are associated with this location.

  • Assign this place's division–electrical, mechanical, etc.–to make this place's purpose clear.  

5. Edit the details of your place, and be sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the page.


Now that your new place is set up, it will display on the Places' Dashboard.

Using the Add Place feature is a great way to keep better track of all the important information about your most used locations, the tools stored there, and the personnel/divisions assigned to them.