Procedures for Retrieving Tools that Were Stolen from You

Learn our protocols for assisting you should you find your tool has been stolen.

We always encourage taking proactive steps

We hope that, if you encounter tool theft, we can help you get your tool back. However, you can take proactive steps to ensure that, if you should find yourself in a situation where your tool has been stolen, we can expedite the tool recovery process to the best of our ability:

My tool was stolen. Now what?

One-Key compatible tools have built-in tracking and security capability, which comes in handy should you find one of your tools has wandered off the jobsite. Should you suspect foul play, you’ll want to mark the tool missing, which will activate tool security and lock the tool out, rendering it inoperable and useless to the thief who’s trying to use it or sell it.

If your tool ends up in one of our service centers or we’re informed by a buyer they suspect the tool is stolen, one of our service representatives will contact you directly and begin a resolution process. We will never provide personally identifiable information of you (or the buyer).

You can also reach out to us by:

  • Calling 1-800-SAWDUST.

Resolution Process

We will ask that you file a police report for your stolen item with your local law enforcement department.

  • If a police report cannot be provided, you should contact your local police. You’ll have 30 days to provide a police report to us or the tool will be released.
  • If a police report can be provided, we will alert the police and assist as needed.
    • We’ll also inform the possessor of the tool that your tool was stolen or lost, a valid police report was provided, and the tool was returned to rightful owner.
  • If you do not reply or a police report is not provided, after 30 days:
    • The tool will be released by removing it from your inventory
    • The service center will unlock, fix, and return tool to the new owner

If, on the other hand, you did sell the tool and forgot to remove tool from your inventory:

  • We can remove the tool from your inventory for you
  • We can unlock, fix, and return the tool to the buyer

We hope you don’t encounter theft. But we have these procedures in place to help make you whole should you ever find yourself a victim of jobsite thievery.