iOS: Edit or Delete Your Geofence

Use your mobile device to make changes to your place’s geofence.


With ONE-KEY™ geofencing, you can set up virtual boundaries around any of your job sites. This virtual fortification comes in handy when tools stray beyond their chosen path and you want to retrace their steps.

But with operations constantly adapting, you might find you need to adjust or delete the geofence you've set up. In this article, we'll show you:

  1. How to edit your geofence
  2. How to delete your geofence

Get started on the mobile app

  • Launch the One-Key app on your mobile device.
  • The homepage, or Inventory Dashboard, will display on your screen.

How to edit your geofence 

If you have a geofence already in place, you might find you need to change its boundaries, whether your project's scope or simply its address, has changed. Adjusting your place's geofence to accommodate these new geographical requirements is easy.

  • Select the places icon from the bottom navigation bar
  • Select the place with the Geofence you want to edit.
  • Under the place’s details, select the icon next to your place's location information. 
  • A map with your current geofence will load. 
  • Select “Edit” in the upper right corner, then select "Edit location."

    Mobile view of the edit location menu
  • Edit your geofence by adjusting the corners.

    Mobile view of adjusting geofence corners
  • Once you’re satisfied, click "Save" in the upper right corner. 

Now, the new boundaries you’ve drawn as your place's geofence will show in the map next to your place's address. 

How to delete your geofence

You might find you need to delete your place's geofence altogether, such as when your project ends and you no longer need to track your tools at this location. You'll follow similar steps to delete your geofence.

  • Select “Edit” in the upper right corner, then select “Edit location.”

    Mobile view of the remove location menu option
  • Under the location’s address, tap the blue “Remove Geofence button” button.

    Mobile view of the remove geofence option
  • Tap “Save” in the upper right corner.Mobile view of the removed geofence
  • You have now deleted your Geofence. 

Mobile view of 727 West Madison

Your geofence will no longer display in your place's details. 

One-Key puts you in control of all your projects, making it quick and easy to make the adjustments you need as situations change.