iOS: Tool Transfers Using an Asset Tag or Barcode

ONE-KEY™ makes it easy for you to transfer barcoded and tagged tools and equipment across jobs.

scanning a tool's barcode with a mobile phone

The in-app scanner within One-Key lets you assign Asset ID Tags, and to find where a tagged or barcoded item belongs by scanning it using your smartphone's camera. This eliminates the need for expensive standalone scanning hardware. In addition to quick lookups, One-Key's barcode reader also allows you to easily transfer tagged and barcoded items between jobsites.

In this article, we’ll show you how to complete a tool transfer using an Asset ID Tag or barcode.

Launch the One-Key Mobile App

  • Your inventory will open. Along the bottom menu, tap “Places.”
  • Select a project or job you want to transfer items from.

Transferring Tagged or Barcoded Tools and Equipment

  • Once in your place’s details, scroll down and tap “Start a Transfer.”
  • Your inventory items at this place will load. Tap the search icon to access the scanner, then the ‘Scan Barcode’ button.
  • Center your item’s asset tag or barcode in the viewing window by moving your item under your device’s camera.
  • When the item description appears, tap the ‘Add’ button. Repeat this process as many times as you need until you’ve got everything in the cart for your transfer.

screenshots showing how to transfer tagged or barcoded tools and equipment in One-Key

Once the cart is full, finish the transfer process by selecting a destination and assignee. Once that’s completed, you can send a confirmation of the delivery to whoever needs to know. We’ll save a copy for you in your transfer history that you can access whenever you need.

One-Key's scanner functionality makes transferring equipment with Asset ID Tags or barcodes fast and simple.