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How to upload your entire inventory in bulk

Save time by organizing every piece of your equipment from your desktop with just a few clicks.

With One-Key’s Bulk Item Upload feature, you can skip the hassle of manually entering each individual tool and instead add your entire inventory all at once.

Get started at the Inventory Dashboard

  • Login to your One-Key account.
  • The “Inventory Dashboard” will display on your screen.
  • Click the blue “Add item” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Then click the blue “Get template” button near the bottom of the next page.

Use the Bulk Upload template

One-Key’s inventory template empowers you to enter every piece of your equipment all at once into a single, easy-to-use, centralized digital space. More than just a handy list, the template allows you to keep track of a variety of an individual tool’s important specs, including the manufacturer, description, model number, and availability.

  1. Once at the “Upload a Spreadsheet” page, click the blue “Get template” button.
  2. Next, click “Download template” and open it in Excel.
  3. Now add all your equipment into the template. Be sure to fill out all the required fields marked with *.
  4. Save the completed template to your computer.
  5. Back at the “Upload a spreadsheet” page, click “Upload spreadsheet” and select the completed template from your computer.

Your entire inventory will now display on the Inventory Dashboard.

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